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A Ladies Restyle and Finish

Senior Stylist Sandy comments: Laura's case is common to many women - an uneven cut combined with poorly recommended treatments meant her hair was blocky and lifeless. We added texture and redid her ends. We also advised her to use a more nourishing shampoo to rebuild the damage.

Ladies Cut and Finish

Senior Stylist KG comments: Claire, came to us and was unsure of the look she wanted. After listening to what she liked and of course did not like, we suggested a medium length cut, increasing the layers from before. She was really pleased.

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Hairline and Crown Highlights

Senior Stylist KG comments: Janey knew exactly what she wanted. We were able to provide colour produced by the leading brands to compliment the look she wanted. This ensured good coverage and a lasting colour and shine.

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Bikini Wax and Eye Brow Shaping

Beautician Misha comments: Lucy was off to Monaco and was planning to spend a large amount of time on board her friend's yacht relaxing. She wanted to look in tip-top shape. We made sure that our treatments were the icing on the cake and that she looked gorgeous leaving for Monaco.

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